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An Invitation: SHAPE Alberta School Travel Planning Champion Survey

April 19, 2017

You are invited to participate in a survey seeking to help us understand the experiences of school active transportation champions across Alberta. We encourage all past and present facilitators to participate, and to share this invitation with colleagues who have worked in this area.

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2017 Physical Activity Forum: Don't Overthink It!

April 5, 2017

Register now for the 2017 Physical Activity Forum: Don't overthink it! Promoting physical activity in a busy media environment | May 8 and May 9 | Edmonton and Calgary respectively

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How did we get so sedentary? Sedentary behaviours among Canadian adults

April 1, 2017

We live in a time where our modern environments have become increasingly automated, requiring less physical exertion for daily living and resulting in more sedentary behaviour time. So how sedentary are Canadians? Using data from the Canadian Community Health Survey, this article highlights how sedentary behaviours vary across Canada and across specific characteristics among the Canadian adult population. Author: Katya Herman. (WellSpring | April 2017, Volume 28, Number 4)

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