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How many steps do you do in a day?

Sept. 10, 2018

Find out how many by borrowing one of our pedometer kits. They are free of charge to Alberta organizations. Start a friendly step challenge with your co-workers today!

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Reducing prolonged sedentary behaviour after a stroke: STand Up Frequently From Stroke (STUFFS)

Sept. 1, 2018

Individuals who have experienced a stroke often face physical challenges with walking and general movement. This can lead to prolonged periods of sedentary behaviour during the months post-stroke. This article highlights the benefits and importance of interrupting sedentary behaviour with bouts of physical activity to reduce the risk of developing health-related issues and support steps towards recovery. Authors: Victor E. Ezeugwu, Patricia J. Manns. (WellSpring | September 2018, Volume 29, Number 09)

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Indigenous women’s physical activity and wellbeing practices: New research

Aug. 1, 2018

Participating in physical activity provides many health benefits and overall wellbeing. However, little is understood about how it is valued and understood within Indigenous communities. This WellSpring highlights study findings of Anishinaabeg women’s experiences of physical activity, which can inform community-based practitioners, researchers, and scholars about Indigenous ways of practices and physicality. Author: Tricia D. McGuire-Adams. (WellSpring | August 2018, Volume 29, Number 08)

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