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School Active Transportation Survey: A perspective from champions

May 14, 2018

The Centre worked with SHAPE Alberta and Ever Active Schools to conduct a survey and interviews with school active transportation champions across Alberta. This report highlights the champions' experiences, including barriers faced, strategies utilized to implement school active transportation, as well as what they perceived would facilitate successful implementation of school active transportation.

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Kids’ Steps in the Summer at University Camps: The KiSS UC study

May 9, 2018

When school is out, child and youth opportunities to be active may be reduced. Summer camps can provide an opportunity for children and youth to maintain their daily activity levels. This WellSpring highlights study findings from the KiSS UC study that examined daily step counts of camp attendees and achievement of recommendations through informal and formal physical activities. Author: Patricia Doyle-Baker. (WellSpring | May 2018, Volume 29, Number 05)

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A medical clinic in the park: The MOVE program

April 5, 2018

Primary care is an optimal setting for most prevention and screening services in the healthcare system. This issue highlights MOVE, a physician-led, interdisciplinary exercise program that encourages physical activity among patients while in the great outdoors. Author: Doug Klein. (WellSpring | April 2018, Volume 29, Number 04)

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