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"Sport is community": Urban Indigenous peoples' meanings of community within sport

Dec. 1, 2016

Sport and community are often interconnected, yet little is understood about community within the context of sport for Indigenous youth. Understanding community is important to be able to enhance sport opportunities for Indigenous youth. A study was undertaken with Edmonton-based Indigenous youth and adults to examine the meaning of community within the context of sport. Key findings and implications for practice are provided. Authors: Tara-Leigh McHugh, Nora Johnston. (WellSpring | December 2016, Volume 27, Number 12)

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Global Comparisons Report Card

Nov. 16, 2016

Being active needs to be the Canadian norm, not the exception. Comparisons with 37 other countries show Canada’s infrastructure and programs aren’t enough to get kids active overall.

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To do it, you’ve got to own it! Creating lasting community-based physical activity programs

Nov. 1, 2016

Engaging community stakeholders while developing and implementing programs/interventions can have implications for meaningful impact in terms of ownership and sustainability. Research has shown that without community engagement and ownership, programs have a lesser chance of achieving traction. Key strategies for effective engagement of community stakeholders are provided. Authors: Jon Salsberg, Soultana Macridis. (WellSpring | November 2016, Volume 27, Number 11)

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