Sit Less!

Thinking about sitting less while working is also important aside from engaging more in physical activity. Based on research, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can improve one’s health, especially for those who do not engage much in physical activity, because it aids in the prevention of illnesses such as different types of cancer and chronic diseases.
Sitting a lot these days
A sedentary lifestyle is defined as any activity without much movement while lying or sitting down. Examples are spending time watching television, riding a bus, …

Move More!

It is time to live better and feel good about yourself
Ways to make physical activities fun
Physical activity is not always exhausting, it can be fun too!  Engaging in physical activities can be a perfect way to bond with new people, family, friends, and even co-workers. It is also a great way to spend a good time with oneself.
Moreover, doing it on a regular basis can improve your sleep pattern and mood. It can also help you to feel good. Physical activity also provides several health benefits…