Individual’s Healthy Weight

People have different sizes and shapes. Having a healthy weight is greatly affected by various factors such as cultural background, genetic structures, muscle mass, and weight history. Because of this diversity, it is a challenge to identify what a healthy weight really is. 
In terms of health, an individual’s normal weight has the lowest risk of acquiring chronic disease and cancer. According to experts, having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5- 24.9 kg/m2 is normal with a low risk of illnesses. 
Identifying your BMI

Messaging Toolkit- Healthy Eating

As they say, eating healthy may significantly reduce the occurrence of certain chronic diseases as well as different types of cancer such as stomach, liver, or bladder cancer. 
Adding servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet can also reduce the risk of having heart or cardiovascular diseases. Hence, it is beneficial to your health to know how to decide and prepare healthy foods as part of your daily routine.
The messaging toolkit for healthy eating is designed for partners…

Eating Healthy Everyday

Healthy food consumption is not about how much food we eat, it is more about consuming the right choices of healthy food. It can be done by cooking and planning your everyday meals at home rather than dining out or buying fast and convenient foods. 
As experts say, choosing healthy foods can lessen the risk for certain diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Having a good mindset when it comes to food will make your eating habits enjoyable and it is a significant measure towards healthy eating. 

Messaging Toolkit for Physical Activity

Doing activities physically makes you well and healthy. It can also reduce the risk of having different chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. There are ways to achieve healthy habits that involve doing physical activity on a regular basis.
What is a toolkit?
The toolkit for physical activity is ideal for everybody such as individuals, organizations, and partners that are keen to try incorporating this messaging toolkit into their fitness strategies. Also, it provides means to prevent complications of having a …