About Us

The Centre promotes active living by bridging research, practice and decision-making.

Mission & Vision

The Centre is an internationally recognized research and education centre focusing on physical activity. Our annual report and business plan clearly states how the work of the Centre supports the implementation of the Active Alberta Policy.

Active Living Policies

The Centre's business plan directly supports implementation of the Active Alberta Policy and contributes to Active Canada 20/20: A Physical Activity Strategy and Change Agenda for Canada. The Centre's Workplace Physical Activity Policy ensures an organizational culture that encourages and supports daily physical activity among employees.

Committees & Partners

The Executive Management Group provides governance and decision-making support to the Centre, while the Advisory Board and Research Advisory Committee provide linkages with regions and universities in Alberta.


The Centre’s Research Associates and Research Affiliates are internationally known physical activity and sedentary behaviour researchers, whose research programs support the mandate of the Centre for Active Living.

Contact Us

Meet our team who works with practitioners, organizations, communities and decision-makers to improve the health and quality of life in Alberta by influencing active living policy and practice.