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The Centre promotes active living by bridging research, practice and decision-making.

A Strong Advocate for Active Living

The Centre is a key advocate for physical activity. Our advocacy work involves:

  • taking a leadership role in addressing issues in the field of active living;
  • providing decision-makers with support and information for policy development;
  • encouraging the recognition and use of physical activity expertise; and
  • collaborating with other organizations to influence policy.

Physical Activity for Decision-makers

Physical Activity for Decision-makers

The Centre for Active Living has developed this fact sheet to support decision-makers with ways to integrate physical activity in their communities through educational and policy opportunities.

Along with highlighting the benefits of physical activity and recommended guidelines, various educational and policy opportunities are suggested for:

  • Built environment policies
  • School policies
  • Education and awareness campaigns
  • Transportation policies
  • Workplace policies
  • Health care and health education
  • Support of Sport, Recreation, and Active Living

Download: 2-page, letter size PDF (8.5x11" / 22x28 cm) or
poster size (40x92" / 102x233 cm).

CAL's Workplace Physical Activity Policy

CAL's Workplace Physical Activity Policy

We recognize that our staff spends a significant number of their waking hours at work and that the workplace is an important setting in which they can increase their activity levels. As an organization dedicated to increasing physical activity in Alberta, we are committed to creating and maintaining an organizational culture that encourages and supports daily physical activity among employees.

Download our Workplace Physical Activity Policy (11x17).
If your workplace does not have a physical activity policy, feel free to adapt ours.

Other Important Policy Documents

Active Alberta policy The Centre has contributed to the following important documents that advocate for active living and physical activity:

Active Alberta

Recreation, active living and sport are vitally important to Albertans.

The activities Albertans choose for enjoyment, where they live and take vacations, what they teach their children, and who they select as their heroes all demonstrate how important the sector is to the lives of Albertans.

Active Alberta sets a vision for recreation, active living, and sport for the next 10 years and invites partners to work with the government of Alberta to achieve six outcomes.

A Common Vision: Let's Get Moving

A Common Vision for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living in Canada: Let’s Get Moving

Being physically active is key to good overall health and to preventing chronic disease. Levels of physical inactivity and sedentary living among Canadians are critical issues in Canada.

Never before has Canada had a singular policy focus on physical activity and its relationship to sport, recreation, health, and other relevant policy areas.

The Common Vision is a new, collective way forward that will guide the country towards ways of increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living. It is a national policy document that is intended to move the country.

For more active living or physical activity policies, see our Resources section > under All Types, select Advocacy/Policy.