About Us

The Centre promotes active living by bridging research, practice and decision-making.

Research Associates

Our Research Associates contribute to the Centre's mission through participating on the Research Advisory Committee, advising on Centre research, and responding to media on research-related topics.

Dr John C. Spence
CAL Senior Research Associate and
Associate Dean, Research
Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation University of Alberta

Dr Tanya Berry
CAL Research Associate and
Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity Promotion
Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
University of Alberta

Research Advisory Committee

See Committees & Partners for the list of researchers on our Research Advisory Committee.

Research Affiliates

Our Research Affiliates are internationally known researchers whose research programs support the Centre’s mandate to provide research and education for the promotion of physical activity.

Dr Adrian Bauman
Sesquicentenary Professor of Public Health
School of Public Health
University of Sydney
New South Wales, Australia

Dr Steven N Blair
Arnold School of Public Health Columbia
University of South Carolina
South Carolina, USA

Dr Hein DeVries
Department of Health Education and Health Promotion
Maastricht University
Maastricht, The Netherlands

Dr Guy Faulkner
Faculty of Education, School of Kinesiology
University of British Columbia
British Columbia, Canada

Dr Lise Gauvin
Departement of Social & Preventive Medicine
University of Montréal
Quebec, Canada

Dr Peter Katzmarzyk
Associate Executive Director
Population and Public Health Sciences
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Louisiana, USA

Dr Neville Owen
Behavioural Epidemiology Laboratory
Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute Melbourne, Australia

Dr Ron Plotnikoff
Professor & Chair PA & PHE
School of Education
University of Newcastle
New South Wales, Australia

Dr Mark Tremblay
Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute
Ontario, Canada