Although many believe that no two societies or communities are the same, they can make things in a similar way. One good plan is by making healthier options for the residents in Alberta that can afford and be accessed by everyone. For instance, building affordable food outlets with healthy food choices closer to where most people live. Another is, having safe walking paths and parking spaces where people can be physically active. 

Health Improvement For All

For generations and people in Alberta to reach a brighter future, communities need to transform into places that prioritize health. To achieve a healthy community, leaders should spread essential resources and fair access to improve health. Examples are safe housing provision, supportive relationships, policies to decrease alcohol consumption, planting more trees, and a decent job.

Transforming into a healthy community

Everyone can help as long as you have the same passion for transforming communities into a healthier place. It can be done by taking actions and planning according to community assets, creating best practices, and building connections and good relationships with the other communities. Hence, different communities can be united by implementing sustainable and realistic changes.

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