Doing activities physically makes you well and healthy. It can also reduce the risk of having different chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. There are ways to achieve healthy habits that involve doing physical activity on a regular basis.

What is a toolkit?

The toolkit for physical activity is ideal for everybody such as individuals, organizations, and partners that are keen to try incorporating this messaging toolkit into their fitness strategies. Also, it provides means to prevent complications of having a sedentary lifestyle like stroke, hypertension, and different cancer types. 

Regular physical activity the toolkit offers can also lessen the possibility of acquiring osteoporosis, diabetes, premature death, and depression. Furthermore, this messaging toolkit also includes guidelines on how to use it on different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Social Media Messaging

This toolkit comes with a sheet for social messaging which is useful if you want to send messages to your viewers. It is also a perfect platform for sending relevant messages about different topics like facts and recommendations and making physical activity a healthy habit.

Moreover, you can make your messages more interesting by customizing the post for your personal events. The messaging sheet has been developed to limit character usage to all social media platforms. There are other tools and tips to make messaging interesting and relevant.


Posters are used for outdoor signage and can be posted in public places like walking paths, swimming pools, and many more.

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