As they say, eating healthy may significantly reduce the occurrence of certain chronic diseases as well as different types of cancer such as stomach, liver, or bladder cancer. 

Adding servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet can also reduce the risk of having heart or cardiovascular diseases. Hence, it is beneficial to your health to know how to decide and prepare healthy foods as part of your daily routine.


The messaging toolkit for healthy eating is designed for partners, organizations, and individuals that wish to incorporate evidence-based sending of messages as their strategies in communication. 

The purpose of this toolkit is to guide individuals in implementing healthy eating behavior to prevent the existence of different chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases as well as the effects of poor nutrition on one’s health. 

Messaging through Social Media

Messaging through the use of social media allows you to use the messaging sheet to communicate on different topics like FAQs on healthy eating, myths, and general recommendations. 


If you want to put up printed signage for permanent use, you may want to try posters. It is usually seen in outdoor locations such as golf courses, walking paths, swimming pools, and many more. 

How to use graphics and messaging

Below are the tips on how to begin using messaging and graphics:

  • Download the graphics and assets for messaging
  • Identify the topic you wish to be scheduling or posting
  • Commence a fresh post on your account (social media)
  • Copy the notes in your new post
  • Include the URL at the bottom of your message
  • If applicable, paste a graphic
  • You can now post or schedule!

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