Speaker's slides from our 2017 Physical Activity Forum

Don't overthink it! Promoting physical activity in a busy media environment

There are MANY messages about physical activity, exercise, and fitness. There are so many, in fact, that it is impossible to even know the nature and quantity of these messages. Yet, the multiple, and sometimes conflicting, messages influence people’s thoughts and behaviours, even when they are not thought about very much.

Research shows that automatic responses (“gut reactions”) to physical activity information are often very different than what people report on surveys after they have had a chance to think about the message. The emotional nature of automatic responses can influence decisions to be active that are quite different from more reasoned and thoughtful responses.

This presentation gave an overview of how messages about physical activity might have an influence at both automatic and reasoned levels, and what effective messages might look like.

Speaker Dr. Berry's slides - condensed version (some of the Internet content has been removed due to copyrights)

A video of the Edmonton presentation will be available near the end of June.
Speaker Dr. Berry's slides
24 slides, PDF

Don't overthink it! Promoting physical activity in a busy media environment.