What is Daily Physical Activity?

This spring, an infographic about daily physical activity, prepared by local exercise specialist, Stephen Cheetham, was shared with the Centre for Active Living. We liked the content and asked if we could update it.

There are many ways to be physically active. This infographic is designed to help people understand the ways they can accumulate daily physical activity.

Physical activity includes bodily movement in the following categories:

  • work or occupational activities
  • travel or transportation
  • care of self or others
  • home or domestic activities
  • active recreation
  • sports
  • exercise

Added together, they amount to daily physical activity.

This infographic is designed to be used when counselling clients or patients about daily physical activity, or to assist the public in understanding the wide variety of ways to integrate physical activity into daily life.

letter size (8.5x11" / 22x28 cm) or poster size (26x33” / 66x84 cm)