International Making Cities Livable Conference

May 14 - 18 | Ottawa, ON | by International Making Cities Livable (IMCL)

International Making Cities Livable Conference


Theme: Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods

Efforts are under way around the world to create healthy neighborhoods where walking, biking and public transit are more attractive, reducing dependence on the car. We all know this is the most important way to assure an active, sustainable future for our grandchildren, and to fight climate change.

But do these developments promote social health, community, contact with nature, equity, and well-being? Are they good environments for children and elders? Are they human scale? Do they include neighborhood squares and parks, a mix of all income and age groups, workplaces, schools, civic facilities, and services, farmers markets, festivals - and beauty for all? Are they creating healthy, 10-minute neighborhoods?

Ottawa is an ideal setting to discuss these issues. In 2018, the City is opening the light metro Confederation Line, its new rapid transit system, and unveiling plans for several new neighborhoods around transit stations. The City is welcoming IMCL and providing a most hospitable context for discussion of these important issues.

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