Sport and Recreation Experiences of Indigenous Youth in Canada


New Infographic developed with Dr. Tara-Leigh McHugh

(Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation, University of Alberta)

Sport and recreation are popular activities among Indigenous youth in Canada, and participation in such activities may contribute to many holistic benefits for youth. However, there is a need for a consolidated evidence base to support the development of sport and recreation opportunities that could facilitate such benefits.

Through a systematic review, the sport and recreation experiences of over 400 Indigenous youth from various regions of Canada were identified. This infographic provides four main strategies identified by Indigenous youth that can support policy-makers and practitioners to enhance their sport and recreation experiences.

Read more about this study in "Including Indigenous youth helps guide better sport and recreation opportunities".

The paper, A Meta-Study of Qualitative Research Examining Sport and Recreation Experiences of Indigenous Youth is published online in Qualitative Health Research.

Download the infographic: letter size JPG (8.5x11" / 22x28 cm) or
poster size ZIP (25x44" / 64x112 cm).