Parents needed for U of A research study

Deadline: August 1, 2019

Supportive Activity Environments for Parents and Preschoolers


Dear Parent/Guardian,

This research is being led by doctoral student Stephen Hunter and his supervisor, Dr. Valerie Carson from the University of Alberta. They are asking for your participation in this new research study.

What is this study about? The purpose of this study is to identify features of the environment that parents think are important for their own physical activity, their child’s physical activity, and physical activity performed together with their child.

What will participation entail? 1) You will be asked to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire should take approximately 20 minutes and can be completed via a secure website online or on a paper copy.

Is my participation voluntary? Yes. You are under no obligation to participate in this study. You should not feel obliged to answer any questions you do not wish to. Even if you agree to participate, you may withdraw from the study at any time without any penalty. Within one month of completing the questionnaire you can ask to have any collected data withdrawn and not included in the study.

Are there any benefits or risks by participating? You will not directly benefit from participating in the study. However, we hope the study will help us better understand how to support healthy active living behaviours in Edmonton. This can benefit the healthy growth and development of many children. There are no known physical, psychological, economic, or social risks associated with the study.

What will happen to the information collected? All data collected will be kept confidential. Only the research team will have access to it. The study data will be kept in a secure place for a minimum of ten years. If the data is to be used for other studies, ethics approval will be obtained. The data may also be published in professional journals or presented at scientific conferences, but any such presentations will be of overall findings and will never breach individual confidentiality. Should you be interested, you are entitled to a copy of the findings.

Will there be any compensation for participation? At the end of the study, if desired, you can be entered into a draw for one of ten $25 gift certificates. The probability of winning the prize is approximately 1 in 20.

What if I have questions or concerns? If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study, please contact the project lead, Stephen Hunter (780-710-4985 or [email protected]), or his supervisor Dr. Valerie Carson (780-492-1004 or [email protected]). The plan for this study has been reviewed for its adherence to ethical guidelines by a Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta. For questions regarding participant rights and ethical conduct of research, contact the Research Ethics Office (780-492-2615).

**If you would like to participate, please complete the consent form and proceed to the questionnaire.

Ethics Project #:Pro00090456