International Walk to School Day/Week/Month - iWalk 2019

Sept 30, Oct 1 - 31 | international | iWalk, SHAPE AB, and Ontario Active School Travel

International Walk to School Week/Month

International Walk to School Month (IWALK) is an annual mass celebration of active transportation taking place around the world every October. It is an opportunity to encourage an active lifestyle (even as the temperatures drop) by getting students, parents, and teachers alike outside and walking!

For more information and resources, visit the Ontario Active School Travel website.

International Walk to School Week/Month

Walk to School Week: Sept 30 - Oct 5
Walk to School Day: Oct 2

Join the movement and millions of walkers around the world as they walk to school during this week!

Register your community, school or yourself for iWalk 2019 on the SHAPE website.


CAL resources on Active Transportation


Our website has information, research and resources to assist you with promoting active transportation and physical activity, for example: