Our Work

The Alberta Survey on Physical Activity, the annual Physical Activity Forum, and a body of original resources and publications represent important aspects of the Centre's work.

Physical Activity Forum

The annual Physical Activity Forum focuses on a timely active living topic, while highlighting the work of a prominent physical activity researcher. The Forum is held in both Edmonton and Calgary each year. Archived videos from past Forums are available.

2019: Bike 2019 - Research, policy, and practice around cycling as a mode of active transport. (Jennifer Dill, Portland State University)

2018: Move More, Sit Less, Sleep Soundly: An integrated approach for healthy children and youth (Valerie Carson, University of Alberta)

2017: Don't overthink it! Promoting physical activity in a busy media environment. (Tanya Berry, University of Alberta)

2016: Sweat is the Best Antidepressant: Where do we go from here? (Guy Faulkner, University of British Columbia)

2015: Let's Get Physically Active! Motivating People to Start and Maintain a Physically Active Lifestyle (Wendy M. Rodgers, University of Alberta)

2014: Get Up, Stand Up: A public health perspective on sedentary behaviour (John C. Spence, University of Alberta)

2013: Physical Activity to Promote Brain Health (Teresa Liu-Ambrose, University of British Columbia, British Columbia)

2012: New Ways of Thinking to Get People Moving: Using positive health to rethink workplaces and play (Grant Schofield, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand)

2011: Motivating Physical Activity Behaviour: How do we separate fact from fiction? (Philip Wilson, Brock University, Ontario)

2010: Does the Built Environment Influence Health? Challenging the influence of the built environment on sedentary living (P.K. Doyle-Baker, University of Calgary, Alberta)

2009: Is Sweat the Best Antidepressant? The case for physical activity as an antidote for depression (Guy Faulkner, University of Toronto, Ontario)

2008: Preventing Childhood Obesity: Big picture strategies (Mark Tremblay, Eastern Ontario Research Institute, Ontario)

2007: Promoting Health Through Community Design: Finding the win-win across multiple health outcomes (Larry Frank, University of British Columbia, British Columbia)