Our Work

The Alberta Survey on Physical Activity, the annual Physical Activity Forum, and a body of original resources and publications represent important aspects of the Centre's work.

Physical Activity Forum

The annual Physical Activity Forum focuses on a timely active living topic, while highlighting the work of a prominent physical activity researcher. The Forum is held in both Edmonton and Calgary each year. Archived videos from past Forums are available.

Don't miss the 2018 Physical Activity Forum! Coming May 1st in Calgary | May 3rd in Edmonton
Theme: Move More, Sit Less, Sleep Soundly: An integrated approach for healthy children and youth (Valerie Carson, University of Alberta)

2017: Don't overthink it! Promoting physical activity in a busy media environment. (Tanya Berry, University of Alberta)

2016: Sweat is the Best Antidepressant: Where do we go from here? (Guy Faulkner, University of British Columbia)

2015: Let's Get Physically Active! Motivating People to Start and Maintain a Physically Active Lifestyle (Wendy M. Rodgers, University of Alberta)

2014: Get Up, Stand Up: A public health perspective on sedentary behaviour (John C. Spence, University of Alberta)

2013: Physical Activity to Promote Brain Health (Teresa Liu-Ambrose, University of British Columbia, British Columbia)

2012: New Ways of Thinking to Get People Moving: Using positive health to rethink workplaces and play (Grant Schofield, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand)

2011: Motivating Physical Activity Behaviour: How do we separate fact from fiction? (Philip Wilson, Brock University, Ontario)

2010: Does the Built Environment Influence Health? Challenging the influence of the built environment on sedentary living (P.K. Doyle-Baker, University of Calgary, Alberta)

2009: Is Sweat the Best Antidepressant? The case for physical activity as an antidote for depression (Guy Faulkner, University of Toronto, Ontario)

2008: Preventing Childhood Obesity: Big picture strategies (Mark Tremblay, Eastern Ontario Research Institute, Ontario)

2007: Promoting Health Through Community Design: Finding the win-win across multiple health outcomes (Larry Frank, University of British Columbia, British Columbia)