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The Alberta Survey on Physical Activity, the annual Physical Activity Forum, and a body of original resources and publications represent important aspects of the Centre's work.

2012 Physical Activity Forum

New Ways of Thinking to Get People Moving: Using positive health to rethink workplaces and play

In this presentation, Grant Schofield outlined some fresh, exciting ways to see the world and get it moving again! He particularly focussed on new ways to get adults moving in their workplaces and children moving in our neighbourhoods. Drawing upon his knowledge of positive psychology and positive health, Grant outlined different ideas and approaches that can help people flourish, not languish.

Video of the 2012 Physical Activity Forum

You can view the Edmonton presentation on our YouTube channel.

New Ways of Thinking to Get People Moving (60 minutes)

The Alberta Centre for Active Living and Mount Royal University proudly co-sponsored this important half-day Physical Activity Forum in Edmonton and Calgary in May 2012.

Speaker: Dr. Grant Schofield

Dr. Grant Schofield is a Professor of Public Health at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. His research and teaching interests are in chronic disease prevention, especially reducing the risk and eventual mortality and morbidity from obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. As such, his work tries to understand then change the determinants of the contributing behaviours of physical inactivity and unhealthy eating.

Professor Schofield has taken a population and settings approach to translate basic science, epidemiology, and intervention outcomes to new trials and innovative research applications. He aims to influence government, corporate, and NGO policy.

Professor Schofield’s interests are in children and youth, workplaces, built environment, and sedentary behaviour. He aims to translate social determinants into a politically universal language.

Professor Schofield founded and directs the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition at AUT, which sits under the larger National Institute for Public Health and Mental Health Research, of which he is also a Co-Director. In the broader area of physical activity and health he is a pioneer in this field in New Zealand; he is also the first professor in this field in New Zealand, and the Director of the largest and most productive research group in the country.

Professor Schofield has experience in both Australian and New Zealand tertiary sectors. He has a psychology background, including registration in Queensland.

Dr. Schofield's profile at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

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