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2019 Physical Activity Forum


Bike 2019 is a conference to explore and engage in a conversation about the research, policy, and practice around cycling as a mode of active transport.

Video and Summary of Bike 2019

Video: Building an Inclusive Cycling City

In most North American cities, the people who bicycle regularly do not reflect our population as a whole. How do we get more women, people of diverse cultural backgrounds, kids, older adults, and people with mobility limitations cycling and using bikeshare? This 40-min presentation draws on evidence-based research and lessons from practice. It was presented in Edmonton, Alberta.

Note: Some slides in the video below maybe too small to read. We recommend that you download Dr. Jennifer Dill's slides to view alongside with this video (40 minutes). Speaker slides of Physical Activity Forum in Edmonton
Download Dr. Jennifer Dill's slides

Bike 2019 Summary: Recipe for a cycling environment (4 pages, PDF)

This summary highlights the key points from Dr. Jennifer Dill's presentations in Calgary and Edmonton.

Ingredients in this recipe include:

  • individual characteristics,
  • built environment,
  • cycling infrastructure,
  • social environment, and
  • policy context.

Bike 2019 Summary: Recipe for a cycling environment

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Dill

Jennifer Dill, PhD, is a professor of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University (PSU), Director of PSU’s Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC), and Director of the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC). Dr. Dill's research aims to understand people’s everyday travel decisions, with a focus on bicycling, walking, and transit. For example,

  • Why do people decide to ride a bike instead of driving?
  • How does where they live and the environment around them influence that decision?
  • Does their travel influence where they decide to live?
  • How do those decisions impact their health and the environment?
  • How do our planning and infrastructure decisions impact these travel and location decisions?

The overall aim of her research is to help professionals and policy-makers make better decisions when planning, engineering, and designing cities and infrastructure.

Thank you to our distinguished 2019 panelists!

Thank you to our panelists!

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