The Centre provides services supporting project evaluation, knowledge mobilization and measurement.

Knowledge Mobilization Support

The Centre supports researchers and organizations in knowledge mobilization of physical activity and sedentary behaviour information. Knowledge mobilization services are listed and examples of products are available.

Project Evaluation

The Centre assists and supports active living organizations with their project evaluation needs. A sample project report is available.

Measurement of Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour

The Centre has compiled information for practitioners and researchers about the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. This includes definitions, guidelines, units of measurement, and considerations for the measurement process.

Information Request

As a knowledge broker, the Centre assists practitioners in finding physical activity information. Requests for assistance can be made here.

Pedometer Kit Loans

The Centre has pedometer kits available at no charge for practitioners, including teachers, workplace wellness practitioners, and health promoters. Each kit contains either 18 or 36 pedometers.