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Pedometer Kit Loans

The Alberta Centre for Active Living has pedometer kits available for loan to practitioners in Alberta. Each kit contains either 36 pedometers or 18 pedometers and are useful for teachers, workplace wellness practitioners and other health promotion practitioners. There is no charge for borrowing. The standard loan period is one month. The kits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

how to wear a pedometer

How to Use and Wear a Pedometer

Read our Pedometer Information Sheet for Adults (PDF, 4 pgs) and Pedometer Information Sheet for Children and Youth (PDF, 4 pgs). It provides you with more information on pedometers, including how to wear them.

Instructions for Borrowers

  1. Only in Alberta – We only loan to organizations in Alberta.
  2. Out-of-town loans – If you cannot pick up and return the kit in person, you will need to arrange and pay for courier service to pick up the kit and also arrange to have it sent back. If you are on the provincial government courier system, the Centre has access to this service. It will be up to you, the Borrower, to check if you are on the provincial government courier system and inform the Centre of this.
  3. Loan period – The loan period will be for 30 days, including the transit time (the kit’s due date is the date it has to be back at the Centre, not the date it was sent back by the Borrower).
  4. Waiting list – Kits are loaned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Late fees and missing, lost or damaged items – Due to the popularity of the kits, the Centre cannot allow kits to be handed in late without penalty. For each day a kit is late, the Centre will bill $5.00. After a week, the Centre will bill you for the total value of the kit. If you should lose or irreparably damage a pedometer, the Centre will bill you for the total value of $15 for each pedometer lost or damaged.
  6. Pedometer batteries – The Centre will ensure that each pedometer in the kit has a working battery before it is sent to the borrower.
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