Thinking about sitting less while working is also important aside from engaging more in physical activity. Based on research, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can improve one’s health, especially for those who do not engage much in physical activity, because it aids in the prevention of illnesses such as different types of cancer and chronic diseases.

Sitting a lot these days

A sedentary lifestyle is defined as any activity without much movement while lying or sitting down. Examples are spending time watching television, riding a bus, driving a car, using electronic devices, playing too many video games as well as reading books.

How can you tell sitting is too much?

Although there’s still no evidence of how much sitting is excessive sitting, it is important to reduce sedentary time as much as possible. A study from Canada stated that being sedentary for only 3 hours a day can increase the chance of developing cancer. Thus, experts imposed guidelines on how to reduce sedentary time among children and youth. 

Sitting less

Does it ever cross your mind that it’s best to try to sit less? Changing your sedentary lifestyle from too much sitting to doing simple physical activity is a good start. Well, you can do more movements since that’s what your body’s function. 

Below are some small changes that you can try to make you sit less:

  • Try to stand up and go for a walk during breaks at work.
  • You may want to consider walking or biking for short trips rather than driving a car.
  • Limit stationary position when watching television, and try to find something to do like folding clothes or other chores when viewing.

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