Benefits of Active Transportation - a fact sheet by CAL

It seems that more individuals, schools, workplaces and communities are embracing active transportation. In order to support practitioners in their work on active transportation and to inform the public and practitioners about the benefits of active transportation, the Centre for Active Living developed a new Benefits of Active Transportation fact sheet.

“Active transportation is a growing phenomenon,” says Dr. Soultana Macridis, co-author of the fact sheet and Research Associate & Knowledge Translation Specialist at the Centre for Active Living, who is also an expert in the area of active transportation. “We created the fact sheet to provide current, evidence-based information about the benefits of using active transportation.”

With 43% of Albertans not getting enough physical activity to achieve health benefits, and the average Albertan spending 9 hours per day in sedentary behaviours, active transportation offers an opportunity to integrate physical activity into people’s daily lives,” says Macridis.

The Fact Sheet includes information about how active transportation can help to:

  • increase physical activity levels,
  • reduce the risk of developing chronic health problems,
  • provide economic benefits for individuals and the broader community,
  • increase social relations and sense of community,
  • reduce emissions, and
  • prevent active transportation injuries.

Download the Benefits of Active Transportation fact sheet (4 pages, PDF).